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  • Good luck up amulet:Crystal Vesta

Crystal Amulet

Crystal Amulet will bring you some good luck, ward off evil spirits and protect you as well.
>>Crystal Amulet, Suncatcher for indoor

Suncatcher and Feng shui

In feng shui, it is said the light of sun has "Yang(positive) energy". It is huge power, so very special presence.
The suncatcher collect the yang energy and bring to your place.

Hang it by the window, or just decorate in the room is fine to get a good air and good luck.

The good way to take advantage of the effect of feng shui suncatcher.

【Bussiness luck up】 【Money luck up】
Northwest :Promotion, Exam, change jobs Northwest :Raise the gambling luck, investment luck and lottery luck
South :Raise the planning ability Northeast :Raise the property
Southeast :Prosperous business West :Make good financial standing
【Relationship luck, home luck up】 【Love luck up】
Northwest :Improve kid's school grades South :Raise marriage luck, become popular, improve your marital relationship
Northeast :Solve the son's problem Southeast :Raise the encounter luck
Southwest :Solve the problem between bride and mother-in-law
Southeast :Solve the problem of daughter-in-law
East :Raise the interpersonal luck