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Angel and Suncatcher

Angel Suncatcher was born by delicate, clear and shining swarovski crystal. I'm sure you can find your own angel that will support you.

Crystal and Angel

It is said the suncatcher's rainbow light has the power to make your heart calming, and change to positive energy.
And also it's said that a lot of fairies and angels gather to the light of crystal. So, it is very popular as lucky interior.

We make this beautiful cristal as a angel stone by appending a wave of the tuning fork.

What is tuning fork

It is said Healing Tuning Forks/Therapy using tuning forks to make you relaxing your body and mind.

What is Angel stone

It is a special energy tools to connect with waves of angel. It doesn't have to clean, because it doesn't absorb the negative energy. A lot of love waves of angel will gather to the crystal.

What is Angel card

Message received from Angel card is very gently and comfortable positive advice. We receive message from the angel that is full of love, and then make original Suncatcher.

Message from suncatcher therapist®Rie

I'm connecting a lot of Suncatcher among the comfortable space of crystal every day.
I am really grateful to my life is so beautiful. I can hear people's voice of joy and to connecting people to people with light of rainbow.

I will keep connecting the Crystal wholeheartedly, thinking about you to get happy glitter life.
To you, who have found a crystal Vesta webpage from among a lot of HP...

         Thank you ☆ Rie☆

・Suncatcher Color Therapist
・Angel Consultant・Accredited by Doreen Virtue
・Angel Stones Attunenent Master/Teacher
・Abundantia Abundan Rey Goddess
・REIKI (Third Degree)
・Lemurian Healing
・Aroma Advisor
・Herb coordinator
・Head Spa therapist
・Power stone therapist
・Molding therapist
・The American Board of NLP(ABNLP)NLP Practitioner