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Angel and Suncatcher

Angel Suncatcher was born by delicate, clear and shining swarovski crystal. I'm sure you can find your own angel that will support you. >>Read More

Suncatcher therapist® Rie

The world that is wrapped in love and light.

As a bare skin beautician, I've been study about mechanism of skin. And among facing with customers one by one, I think that firmness and texture of your skin is related to your mind. That is why I started to learn psychology.
Also taking advantage of aromatherapy qualification that I acquired before, I've independent as a total counselor to face with customer's mind and body.

It is said that if people can attract the ultimate richness by balancing their body, mind, and soul. And we are getting aura for grow our soul. I obtained Angel consultants because I was really attracted by the wave of Angel. Through the Angel healing, I have met with the rainbow light of Suncatcher among it overflowing with the wave of love and light, and wrapped in gratitude and smile.

When I first saw the light of the rainbow twinkling on the room, my soul was trembling to beauty.I remember that I felt of gratitude about "I am alive now, this moment" as if it were yesterday.

I want to share this beautiful light with you. I want you to feel the splendor of living today. That is why I started connecting the Suncatcher five years ago. And my thought became in the form in 2012. I opened a Suncatcher specialty store Crystal Vesta at Namikizaka, Kumamoto City.

The light of rainbow has a power to change nagative feelings to positive feelings.
I'm hoping to your life keeps wrapped in a pleasant light and will become more enjoyable while connecting suncatcher.

I am mother of 3 children but, I always want to be a glittering women forever. I would be really happy that if I give power and happiness to a lot of women as well.

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