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Suncatcher therapist®training course

Relieved, safety, and beautifully heal

About Suncatcher therapist®
  • ①Using the crystal color ball, you will be able to counseling of suncatcher therapy to convey the message.
    (Such as chakra and feng shui are also included in the course content)
  • ②You can connect the suncatcher with some messages to support your client.
    (For indoor, for car, and stand type. All you can learn the basics of connecting to the consideration to safety.)
  • ③Angel course will start at energy work and can learn angel card reading with feeling power of angel.
  • ④Suncatcher therapist® can connect a lot of suncatcher as own business.
    Can get orders from Crystal color as well.
  • Please ask for more information.

Which therapist do you want to be??

Recommend for Suncatcher therapist®.
  • □Want to start something.
  • □Can't leverage license effectively.
  • □Want to be a therapist owner.
  • □Want to work even if have small child.
  • □Want a pocket money.
  • □Want to heal people.
  • □Want to be healed.
  • □You like crystal.
  • □Want to do something besides regular business.
  • □Don't want to have the store.
  • □Stay gold.
  • □Think always what is my mission.
  • □Want to filled with love.
Recommend for Crystal color therapist.
  • □Worried about connecting suncatcher.
  • □Want to be healed.
  • □Want to heal someone.
  • □Can't make a time because having child.
  • □Want to do something besides regular business.
  • □Want to heal people.
  • □Want some revenue.
  • □You like crystal.
  • □Want to see everyone's smile.
  • □Stay gold.
  • □Want to save course fee.

I want to tell you something if you fall under item above.
Suncatcher therapist training course by Suncatcher therapist® Rie Tajiri who has been facing over 1,000 customers has been renewed.

To work your own style of suncatcher therapist® after taking course, we will teach how to make crystal and purchase crystal thoroughly.
In addition, we will prepare material set of Swarovski at a special price to help you to get start as suncatcher therapist®.
Why don't you try to be a suncatcher therapist® to deliver the light of rainbow?

Impressions of those who have attended

Ms. K(Early 30s)

I was carefully taught about meanings and tricks of color.

☆1st day☆It was very fun so time passed by in an instant! I didn't know anything about suncatcher but i was taught carefully about symbol and nickname of size parts.
I was very surprised that color has various meanings, and it was first time to make suncatcher by myself is so much fun. Thank you for a good time.
☆2nd day☆I was happily crazy to make a suncatcher. Stand type seems easy but it was difficult so i fail several times. but she told me a little trick. It was great to got to know about meaning of color. I'm looking forward to collaborate with mind block master.

Message from Rie

Dear Ms. K It was great job for two days. I'm excited about the collaboration with mind block master too! Counseling force was also very smooth.
Please keep removing people's mind block and support their shining future as ever. And please enjoy therapist certification as well. It was very happy to see everyone's happy face.

Ms. T(Late 40s, Homemaker)

Touching crystal is feel like the body becomes lighter.

I was worried to connect a small parts but it went straight up to the wire so i enjoyed it so much.
Nowadays, I was frustrating by care-giving fatigue everyday. So, i wanted to relax a little, that's why i applied for suncatcher therapist® course.
I felt my body becomes lighter more than i thought. and care-giving fatigue went gone. I was allowed to notice through this training to make times for myself is very important.
Thank you very much.

Message from Rie

Dear Ms. T It was great job for two days. You said you want the therapy to your friend at last, that made me very happy.
I would like you to know about crystal a lots in the future.

Ms. M(30s, Homemaker)

I attended this course because i thought i should have some skills to live from now on.

I am now is a normal homemaker working normally without any special skills.
I thought i wanna have some special skill for my own. So, i decided to take this suncatcher therapist® training course.
Initially, I was very concerned whether or not I can handle this. But, She taught me about meaning of colors, name of parts, types, and how to counseling people and how to connect suncatcher carefuly.
While just touching the crystal, I felt like i became more gentle. It was very fun training.
I was very excited to do therapy to someone.
And also i took Ms. Ayaha's super consulting. She told me how to decide prices, how to make nice profile, and sales strategy as well. If it was not diamond course, it might have been ended up with just a normal lesson.
It was very good to learn both Rie's copious knowledge and Ayaha's sales strategy, and my dream will swell more and more. I hope to be healed and heal someone as well.

Message from Rie

Dear Ms. M It was great job for two days. I was very happy that you participated this course eagerly.
And also you asked me a lot of questions, so i had a lot of what i learned anew. I won't forget your face that when you connected suncatcher carefully and you smiled at last.
Even after you move to the other prefecture, if you have suncatcher kit with you, you can always have your own store. Be confidence! Please stay just the way you are and keep healing people. Thank you very much.

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