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About Vesta

Goddess Vesta brings holy light. A goddess of fire and sun who preside over house and kitchen.
She loves us and protect with holy light. There are a lot of healing energy, her holy light brings you happiness and prosperity.

The light of suncatcher that made among pleasant space will take you to the ultimate healing place.
>>Angel suncatcher list

Crystal Cleaning・ Renovation

In Crystal Vesta, we do cleaning and renovation for crystal to keep your crystal shining.
After cleaning crystal parts respectively, we will re-connect those crystal parts.
If you've bought a suncatcher at crystal vesta, you just need one coin(500 yen). If you've bought your suncatcher from the other store, we will cleaning and renovation it at 1,000 yen.

☆It may take some time for cleaning. Please note.

Suncatcher class

We also hold class of suncatcher to deliver a lot of lights of rainbow. You can join yourself at the store but you need 5 people or more for the delivery class.
2,160 yen for one person~
(additional fee required for delivery class.)

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Store Information

Location 〒860-0847 Kumamoto, Kumamoto City, Chuou-Ku, Kamibayashi 3-38
Palatioal Ikoma2-1F(Along Namikizaka on Kamitori)
TEL 096-352-8090
Open 11:00〜19:00
Closed day Wednesday
Parking There are pay parking lot near here.

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