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The light of rainbow for the gift.

Interior items using a crystal glass. In response to the light of the sun, you can create a shining lights as the rainbow.
The light of the rainbow for the gift. We have recieved a lot of customer testimonials.

Shopping Guide

How to oeder
We're accepting 24 hours on internet.
Payment method
Bank transfer (prepayment)、Cash on delivery
※Since the commission will be borne by the customer, please acknowledge it beforehand.
About Shipping and delivery

Hokkaido1,500 Yen
Tohoku1,050 Yen
Shin-Etsu、Kanto850 Yen
Hokuriku、Tokai750 Yen
Shikoku、Chugoku、Kansai650 Yen
Kyushu500 Yen
Okinawa1,500 Yen
About returns or exchanges
We will do our best to make absolutely sure to keep quality of the product, but if the item has been damaged by any chance stain, please contact us within 7 days after the delivery. We will immediately allowed to returned or exchanged.(In this case we will pay for postage.) Please note that we are not able to accept your request if it has elapsed from the item arrival 7 days or more. Shipping of returns by the circumstances of the customer, will be paid by the customer. If you would like to exchanges or returns, please contact us by E-mail.
SShop Name名:Crystal Vesta Online shop
General Manager:Rie Tajiri
Location:Kumamoto City, Chuou-Ku, Kamibayashi 3-38 Palatioal Ikoma2-1F(Along Namikizaka on Kamitori)
E-mail :