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About Suncatcher

The Suncatcher is interior items using a crystal glass. It can shine by sun light, and create the pieces like a rainbow with prism effect. In short Nordic region of daylight hours, it is said that those were considered to be able to feel the light of the sun even a little. Regardless of the season, many people can feel the healing by this interior.

The light of rainbow

Rainbow has power to make people positive and heal their heart. The light of rainbow that created by suncatcher also has same energy, and it's a big success as a feng shui item as well. In modern times which is referred to as stress society, negative energy is easily accumulate. If you keep ignoring that you're going to miss your happiness. The light of rainbow of suncatcher can purify the negative energy that has accumulated into the body and mind in everyday stress, and it can also purify space that is decorated as well. After purified your body and mind, you will get good energy and happiness easily. So, it is also said as "The Interior brings you good luck".

Our crystal glass is the top quality.

Using the SWAROVSKI's crystal glass.
SWAROVSKI established a company in Wattens, Austria in 1895.
Palace of Versailles and Opera Theater, and recently it used to decorate NY's Christmas tree. It's more than 25,000 of the SWAROVSKI's crystal glass has been used on that tree. It's splendor was spread all over the world.

SWAROVSKI's crystal glass is more transparent than the others, so it gives better looks and shine.
The suncatcher we use which made by SWAROVSKI's cut glass is so beautiful enough to cause to captivate people.

The proof of SWAROVSKI

A large swarovski on the top has been engraved with a laser. This is actually like a certificate.