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About "Swarovski"

The SWAROVSKI was founded by the Crystal craftsman Mr. Daniel Swarovski from Bohemia(Czech) in 1895 in Austria/Tyrol. Its is company of crystal glass and jewelry. Swarovski crystal glass which boasts over 100 years of history. It has beautiful shine and elaborate cut is referred as well as with diamond and it continues to reign as the highest peak of the crystal brand. It has been produced as a cottage industry from around the early 19th century. But in 1892, after SWAROVSKI developed the original machine cut, they captivated people all over the world.

Features of the Swarovski and Crystal cut glass

There are 2 types of the crystal which are natural crystal and crystal glass. SWAROVSKI'S crystal glass made by melted silica rock, coal, and soda in hight temperature and combined lead oxide. It is an artifical transparency crystal glass made in the original recipe. Stylish design and cutting technology does not allow the other followers. SWAROVSKI's crystal has used at Famous Versailles Palace, the Carnegie Hall, and Christmas tree in front of Rockefeller in NY. That is testament of "top-notch" .

Reason for pay a lot of attention to Swarovski

You can see the proof of SWAROVSKI at the main crystal of suncatcher. We are using SWAROVSKI's crystal for all of our products. And we are carefully make it one by one.
※Not engraved in color crystal.